Another Day, Another Dog Walk

I decided to head off in a different direction this morning, up toward the church and an old mill/ fish pond I remember playing in as a kid. It was so early I got to see the sun rising from behind the hills (oh, okay, yesterday was the shortest day, so even by ten this morning the sun was still hiding behind Knock. Lazy little bugger.) Got a picture so rural it’s probably a cliche and a glimpse of how the other half lives.

Of course, when I reached the pond I couldn’t get at it because it was on private land. And it appeared to have become silted up and much smaller than I remember. Sigh. Plus, the fields were all full of sheep so I had to keep the dog on her lead, so I turned around and headed back.

It seems to be a week for discovering the where-abouts of people from my childhood, including two girls I had crushes on over twenty years ago. One of them’s doing a second degree in Manchester, hmmmm.