Daily archives: December 27, 2003

Self Similarity

One day, I want to get several acres of land and start building a model village. Except this one won’t be quite the same as the usual quaint view of rural life- think Ewok tree dwellings meet Middle Earth cliff side battlements and Mad Max technology, with dark and/ or lascivious goings on in hidden corners. Though I could be tempted to pull a trick like that at the Bourton-on-the-Water model village, where the model village has a model village, which has a model village………

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Just wait half an hour……

We’re having what Jo described as ‘New Zealand weather’. It’s been passing over us in waves, and we’ve had sleet, rain, sunshine, even a rainbow. Right now I can look out of the window and see the sky broken into bands. There’s a little bit of blue, but mostly it’s cloud in various shades, from fluffy white through cream and slate blue to threatening grey. All of it progressing from left to right and bringing new and interesting precipitation to talk about in a very British sort of way.

Thus ends my experiment of taking a picture a day of Scotland from (almost) the same point. I may do it again some time from another vantage point.