Daily archives: January 3, 2004

Dada mail

I been a bit slack on the Mailwashing and the following turned up in the inbox. This is the whole text of a spam mail trying to get me to click through to some cable deal or other-

conflagrate pewter acrobacy carey wendy addict deify curlicue traverse coronate midsection desecrater del systemization complicity digit abovementioned bandwidth abutting boatman distaff incumbent discus butler juan environ fourth uproot wild

simplify hubbub decisional pyrolyse diaphragm appalachia frayed arianism baneberry carabao variac shagbark without confocal propose ashen convoy

Don't Kill the Haitians

Oh dear. On top of the brain dead moralising from the New York Post, GTA: Vice City is under attack again, specifically over the ‘Kill the Haitians’ mission. Anybody who bothered to play the game could tell you that you don’t pick on any one race- everyone is killed equally- and it’s all about extreme stereotypes anyway.


Can a writer ever take themself completely out of their stories? Danny Leigh thinks not.
Which reminds me. I have two quite autobiographical projects that are currently stalled that I’ve promised people I’ll finish- Post & Publish, which Penny wants me to finish and Eliza Effect, which Jenny has been asking about. There’s not much chance of Heavensent being considered boigraphical.