Daily archives: January 4, 2004

How Would Jesus Vote?

Howard Dean discovers religion

“We need better to connect policies with religious values,” said Ed Kilgore, the policy director of the influential Democratic Leadership Council, which provided the backing for Mr Clinton’s presidential campaigns. “Silence on God isn’t golden as far as Democrats are concerned. The Bible is not all about abortion and homosexuality. It’s also about injunctions to take care of the poor and social justice.”

And this morning yet another Democratic contender spoofed my refferer logs.

Always read the print

This guy has obviously never read or seen anything by Michael Moore. One paragraph contains a rather rousing call to arms which is then spoiled by the writers lack of a clue and blindness to how well it describes the attitude of the man he’s trying to mock-

To hell with neutrality, I say. Let’s say a fat No to even-handedness and step bravely into this new year with prejudice, passion and a handful of beliefs, no matter how ridiculous, and the strength to stand up for them.

With journalism this opinionated and weak he should really get a job with Fox News.

Quote of the Week

(Edit) I’ve not gone all pretentious and third person, Daz or Emily has posted the following whilst pretending to be me

While discussing Emily playing Civ 3 – Conquests and the new missions that you can play, such as throwing the most virgins into a volcano. Asking Ian whether virgins should be thrown into volcanoes, he said “No, it is a terrible waste! I am all in favour of conservation of virgins.” Or would have if he hadn’t realised what he was saying and let it peter out at arround the ‘conser’ part of the sentence.