Daily archives: January 6, 2004


The dollar continues to drop against the pound and Euro. I’m telling you, buy my stuff now whilst it’s so cheap. Or tomorrow when it’s even cheaper. No, buy it now. (I really should have paid attention during those marketing lessons.)

And gold is now over $430 an ounce, which prompted two questions- Is the smart money buying back into the gold standard because they can see a crash coming? And- how does that compare to hard drugs?

Cave Troll Love!

Livejournal is a lovely place full of lovely people (such as me, for example. but it also has many many many strange people. (actually I need a few more manys.)

However, this one is the weirdest community for a while – Do me Cave Troll. It’s one of a group of communities where fangirl/fanboys proclaim their desire to do (or be done by) the object of their fandom. LOTR based ones are popular, particularly Legolas. But Cave Trolls?

Ian insists I point out that ‘do me’ is a euphemism.

Update There used to be a picture of acave troll here, but I seem to have lost it.

And a quote “Anyone notice how incredibly sexay the Cave Troll looked in RotK? Especially clad in all of that armor? Mmmmm… a man troll in uniform! “

Taking the piscine

Thanks to the Transportation Security Administration, the skies of America are safe from the threat of cute little yellow fish.

The agents were huddled together, and recognized us. “What did you do with the fish?” they asked, “What did you do with the fish!?”

Sensing a chance for comeuppance, Trey put on his “stone-cold-supportive-protector” face and said with great dramatics, “You know what … we flushed him. We flushed him because you made us [pause for effect]. You killed my girlfriend’s fish. No, you made her kill her fish … Happy holidays.”

Don't mention the news

I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.

Once again the UK press has really lost it’s head over a royal story. One newspaper has reported a name but most other sources have run the story with no name. However they all tell you which paper is running the story. This kind of double standard really annoys me and you’ll never see it here.