Cave Troll Love!

Livejournal is a lovely place full of lovely people (such as me, for example. but it also has many many many strange people. (actually I need a few more manys.)

However, this one is the weirdest community for a while – Do me Cave Troll. It’s one of a group of communities where fangirl/fanboys proclaim their desire to do (or be done by) the object of their fandom. LOTR based ones are popular, particularly Legolas. But Cave Trolls?

Ian insists I point out that ‘do me’ is a euphemism.

Update There used to be a picture of acave troll here, but I seem to have lost it.

And a quote “Anyone notice how incredibly sexay the Cave Troll looked in RotK? Especially clad in all of that armor? Mmmmm… a man troll in uniform! “