Heaven is a place on Earth

I was going to write about what I did on Monday night, but then I didn’t get home until some time after four and was a touch hungover yesterday (I was drinking only water until midnight, but then Stu and Chris turned up and started buying me beer.) And I forgot my camera and only had the phonecam.

Luckily, lots of other people were there with digital cameras and there are a lot of pictures. I’m in this one (in the background, but my ego won’t let it slip by and the picture is of Dave and Manda, official (I just anointed them) Friends of Spinneyhead), this one (how many chins?), this one (damn, the secret’s out), this one, the one above and this one where someone mis-labelled me as Al. You can call me Al, but I’ll sulk.

Observation- It’s really hard to mosh to ‘Ace of Spades’ whilst wearing bloody great plastic angel wings.

Quote of the night- “One day you’re Prince of Darkness will come.”