Object of desire

Back during the birth of Team Spinneyhead Ian said that I’d be providing ‘cool tech reports’. Today I thought I’d actually get round to writing one. I didn’t far past Apple’s new iPod mini. Basically a smaller, sexier iPod that only holds 4GB (about 1000 tracks). This first section of the report would have finished with me saying that I’d already ordered one. Only I can’t. Apple won’t sell me one. I figured that importing an iPod mini and the travel adaptor kit (so I can plug it in here) would be way cheaper than ordering from Apple UK as they seem to think the exchange rate is between $1.20 and $1.30 to a pound (rather than over $1.80). Also I’d get it pretty soon rather than April (given the usual slippage that would be May or June in reality). Neither Apple or any major reseller will ship an Apple product outside of the US. Here I am trying to inject money into the US economy and they’re turning me away.