A Load of Old Baggage

Over the past few days, the daily BA flight from Heathrow to New York has been canclled or delayed several times, ostensibly because America has had intelligence suggesting a terrorist attack may be made on the plane. I cannot help wondering about the timing of this – it seems a shade too convenient that these “problems” started almost immediately after America announced that before long, it was going to require armed sky marshalls on planes entering American airspace.

On top of this, a warning from the Farcical Bureau of Investigation. Owning an almanac and reading it in public may seriously damage your liberty.

Does anyone want to take bets on which inoffensive household item the FBI will take exception to next?

While we’re on the topic, can someone please explain why you can no longer take sharp, pointed or bladed items on board an aeroplane, but you can still take glass bottles on, which could easily be smashed to create a very sharp, dangerous weapon? On reflection, perhaps this isn’t the best topic to raise, since if the FBI really do monitor this page, it could lead to the wholesale banning of the sale of Duty Free to passengers entering American Airspace!