Daily archives: January 9, 2004

No sex please, we're Philadelphians

I wonder if Manchester libraries have such cool books as Sex Toys 101: A Playfully Uninhibited Guide. I know that we’d appreciate them more than some people.

“They are all pornographic and there is no way they should be in a public library with my tax dollars,” he said. “I am a father and a grandfather and thanks be to God they weren?t there when my children were young.”

Looking out a dirty old window

I just started filling January’s photo album. Oh, okay, there’s only one photo at the moment, but there’ll be more, I promise.

I’ve also started another series of shots from one place, this time the computer room- if only because I spend so much time here. There was activity on the wasteland beside the house today as a couple of soil testers came along and bashed core samplers into the ground.

Kids In America- Kim Wilde

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz

Not a real one, it’s okay.

When Deputised Experts goes over to WebComicsNation and gets back up to speed, it’s going to be heading toward car chases and shoot outs. I can pose the shoot outs in Poser, and I have a couple of cars for the program as well. But for the larger overviews of motorised mayhem, I want to rely upon models for my photo reference. I’ve decided that 1:43rd is a good scale- the models won’t be so large I’ll run out of storage space and there are a lot of subjects available, so it’s off to the model shop to see what they have in their sales and onto EBay for subjects exotic and mundane.

Why exactly are we fighting?

Season 2 of Red vs Blue is set to premier sometime this weekend. The makers aren’t saying exactly when they will post the episode. I assume this is an attempt to get people to repeatedly vist the site and tempt them into buying the sesaon 1 DVD (it worked on me). Season 1 (Blood Gulch Chronicles) took best film and best writing at the 2003 Machinima Festival.