LQ – Fun and Frolics with guns

For the year ahead, an idea is to start weekly LQ games, possibly 2, as a fun way of getting back in shape after the christmas splurge. Probably have one solo game, where everyone one is a target and depending on what you score try to average out the teams for a team game next. The idea of doing the team game second also means you are less likely to kill yourself with too much exercise. It is open to our friends, hopefully we can get enough people together to hire the whole arena, the one on whitworth st. So if you are interested then simply add yourself to the comments. We might have to find out who wishes to go on a week by week basis to the games, as I am sure there are going to be reasons why people wish to miss certain weeks, so we might have to start up a mailing list or do a blog call of who is going to turn up so we can advertise on spinneyhead any spare places.