Nominet details for Spinneyhead.

Employing ever more desperate measures to avoid doing my tax return, today is becoming a day of hard decisions. the one I’m willing to talk about at the moment is that I can’t afford to stay on with my current ISP. I need to find a new one and update the registration of spinneyhead. So a few questions to all the people out there who I know are more knowledgeable about this sort of thing.

1. How? Actually, Nominet has details on renewal and changing agent, so I think I can cope with those bits.

2. Who? Can anyone recommend a host? They need to be cheap, as cash is the main reason for the move. They should have php and MySQL on the servers so I can transfer the existing code and carry on writing more. And they shouldn’t be too restrictive of content, as I’d like to offer up through BitPass some of my more ‘mature’ writings which- whilst not quite porn- would be frowned upon by my current ISP.

3. When? I’ll have to move as soon as possible, because my contract with my current hosts runs out at the end of the month (at the time as the domain needs renewing).