Daily archives: January 22, 2004

Don't vote for us

Homophobic action group the American Family Association had a poll about gay marriage on their site. No doubt they expected it to come out against any such rights for those horrible homosexual types and they could then present the results in support of their cause. Of course, the Internet is far too cool a place for that to happen, the poll was leaked and the result ended up two to one for gay marriage rights

Constructive Tourism

If you haven’t yet been to India, get out here now and check out the architecture. The golden triangle of tourism, Delhi-Agra-Jaipur is truly amazing.

Highlights include the Taj Mahal (obviously), Agra Fort, Fatipur Sikri, Humayan’s Tomb, and pretty much all of Jaipur (aka the Pink City).

Tomorrow, we explore the Amber Fort, which we are hoping to arrive at via elephant.

Between the two of us we’ve taken nearly 1000 photographs so far, with many of the highlights of Jaipur to go. Be prepared for long evenings of “What I did on my holidays!”