The Hard Decisions, parts 2 & 3

Hard decision part 1 was moving my ISP, which wasn’t that hard a decision at all really.

Hard decision 3 was getting rid of my fancy expensive mountain bike that sits in the corner of the kitchen and rarely gets ridden because I’m so scared of breaking it. I just took it to Bike Doc and hopefully they’ll give me part-ex on a lighter hardtail that I can take for long back country treks. (I know there’s precious little back country around Manchester, but that’s what the train is for.) To be honest the Giant was a bit of a rebound bike, something I bought in an attempt to get over the hurt of having all my bikes nicked whilst I was in Surrey. It was pure lust at first sight and the relationship never really flourished the way it should.

Hard decision 2 was to have been quitting my course, but the closer I came to doing it the harder it became and the more obvious that it was actually a bad decision.

And as if all this deciding stuff wasn’t exhausting enough, Bad Clanger has developed another habit.