Daily archives: January 27, 2004

Hard Decisions (revisited)

Well, the trade in value for the mountain bike is 200 pounds, which is slightly lower than I’d have liked, but about what I expected. The problem is that it’s part exchange on a new bike and you know (and if you don’t, I’m about to tell you) that there’s no way I could settle for a two hundred quid bike. After flicking through the bike porn that is the Marin and Trek catalogues I think I’d like one of these, or possibly one of these. I still hanker after my old Bruiser too.

The nice people at Bike Doctor will do a staggered cheque payment scheme. I’d just have to have the faith in my income to use it.

Old Fashioned

It’s often said that the military tends to gear up for the last war, thus being caught off guard when the next- and undoubtedly different- one comes along. Max Hastings thinks the British military is actually thinking 2 or 3 wars back, preparing- despite the evidence of Gulf Wars 1 & 2, for a European war that’ll never happen.

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On this day in History

An appendix to the last post. What I are bin doing on my last two anniversaries-

2002- I had a new bed. Which was nice, because up until that point I had been sleeping on the floor. I think the futon was delivered on the same day. It very nearly squished the PS2 when the packaging toppled over. The arrival of something to sit on whilst playing did wonders for Johnny’s bad back, which had been brought on by GT’ing whilst lying on the floor.

2003- Pretty much the eclectic mix you’ve come to expect from Spinneyhead. Toothbrushes, video cards, Welsh people, kitsch, money, some little war brewing in Iraq and mambonsai. My adventures in mambonsai have been curtailed by my wondrous ability to kill little trees. They’re sitting on the window sill and I still water them occasionally, but I’m not holding out much hope. If nothing else, I can use the branches in a diorama some time.

I AM 3

Yup, it’s the third anniversary of the Spinneyhead blog. The domain is nearly four years old, but I spent the first year testing various formats before finally discovering blogs and realising this was the best way for me to keep updating the front page regularly (seeing as I have such a bad head for deadlines, especially self imposed ones).

The first day was all about me swearing at the settings because I couldn’t get them to work properly. Setting the tone for the past three years, the first proper entry was all about Wubble U and the second was just silly. (Sadly, the God Created Frizington site is no more. *Puts hand on heart and stares meaningfully at the ground in mourning*) I don’t have saved versions of the many awful layouts the blog has gone through to reach its current state of okay-ness. Which is probably a good thing.