On this day in History

An appendix to the last post. What I are bin doing on my last two anniversaries-

2002- I had a new bed. Which was nice, because up until that point I had been sleeping on the floor. I think the futon was delivered on the same day. It very nearly squished the PS2 when the packaging toppled over. The arrival of something to sit on whilst playing did wonders for Johnny’s bad back, which had been brought on by GT’ing whilst lying on the floor.

2003- Pretty much the eclectic mix you’ve come to expect from Spinneyhead. Toothbrushes, video cards, Welsh people, kitsch, money, some little war brewing in Iraq and mambonsai. My adventures in mambonsai have been curtailed by my wondrous ability to kill little trees. They’re sitting on the window sill and I still water them occasionally, but I’m not holding out much hope. If nothing else, I can use the branches in a diorama some time.