Daily archives: January 28, 2004

The mushroom treatment

I was going to title this The most powerful moron in the world, but people get offended by that sort of thing. Their delicate sensibilities are also upset when I say that Bush is a liar. So I won’t do that either. I’ll pretend that Wubble U is getting the mushroom treatment- being kept in the dark and fed bullshit. How else, if the first two assertions aren’t true, can he go on claiming that UN weapons inspectors didn’t go into Iraq well before the invasion?

Bush first made the claim in a press conference last year with Kofi Annan, of all people, right beside him. I had a rant about it at the time. Now he’s gone and made the claim again, this time during a press conference with the Polish prime minister.

I get a few American visitors. Please tell me if your country’s notoriously liberal media, beyond Salon and the original piece in the Washington Post reported it, or were they too busy harping on about a Democrat hopeful’s post defeat yodel? If not then you should spread the word, because if he’s on record misleading you about something so easily proved then just imagine what he’s making up about the secret stuff.