Daily archives: February 4, 2004

Leisure Suit Larry TNG

Remember Leisure Suit Larry? The aim of the game was to get the pixellated hero laid in an old school Monkey Island style adventure. The security/ age restraint was cool- it asked you general knowledge questions of various vintages to ascertain how much you knew and thus how old you were.

Now there’s Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, a similar premise, but with improved graphics and less linear Sim-ish gameplay.

The Press release, just in case the Sun sticks the story behind a registration barrier. And isn’t that sweet? The game’s going to be released the day before Valentine’s.

[EDIT] LLL’s coming back this year as well, with Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

So very, very wrong

A tricky one to size properly, but I might be able to get it to fit on a Cafe Press thong.

On the front, probably even more ornate and with roses and stuff, or maybe a gate or open door image from the same royalty free source as the lock.

On the back.

Like I said, very, very wrong. It’s sort of like T Shirt Hell meets Upstairs Downstairs. The whole concept of the “Tradesman’s Entrance”, complete with entendre, is so very English. Even if no-one else likes this I may create it anyway.

Management Made Easy

We were brainstorming new Cafe Press-able merchandise in the pub last night. (When I say brainstorming I mean getting a little tipsy and practising word association.) I’m going to rough up a few in Illustrator and put them up as they’re finished. Feedback would be appreciated.

Possibly with a ‘Management Made Easy’ type image on the front.

I’ve also dug up a load of old images from the pre-photo album days and transferred them across. Specifically, there’s now a Team Spinneyhead In Camera section and a few other pictures in Other Pictures.

Pictures of Lily

A bundle of images just went up to the site. I’ve abandoned the pretense of having a picture for every day of every month. They’re now going to be grouped by the month they were taken in, meaning some months, like January, will have fewer pictures than days whilst others are going to have oodles more shots than days.