Cover me, I'm going in

I remember Bob Kulick as the guitarist for Meat Loaf a decade or so ago. It’s probably due to him, Hank Marvin and Barrios that I still play guitar today. Don’t ask about the Hank Marvin reference, I grew out of that phase quite quickly. Anyway, back to the point. So I got to wondering what he was up to now.

Separately I was trying to figure out who played guitar on the cover of Alice Cooper’s Only Women Bleed on the album Humanary Stew. Turns out it’s Bob Kulick as part of a whole load of cover albums. So it seems that the guy now makes his living as some sort of producer, crossed with recruiter/manager/networker and still plays guitar on the albums. Cool job!

Now, if I want to know about cover songs, I’ll look at the Covers Project to get started.