Living in a box

Tetra Pak have been advertising over the last few months on TV. It seems odd that a company who produce goods that gets in the way of the stuff you’re actually trying to buy is now trying to capture our hearts. Ok, they do a good job of containing the product, but it’s not their product that the consumer is buying, they produce the packaging that contains the product you want. And now they’re promoting the environment as an angle for their product. Fair enough.

So we see a company that does not sell direct to the consumer advertising to the consumer (and business as well) trying to get us to buy different products based on the packaging…..hmmm…I’ll have that car over there because it’s red.

Odd thing is, it’ll work.

Now for the challenge: Name another instance of a company that doesn’t sell direct to you, but has advertised to change your buying habits. Government bodies and groups or associations of companies (e.g. Milk Marketing Board) don’t count. Counts for more if they don’t actually care which product you buy.