Vital Statistics

29.38 miles, covered at an average rolling speed of 11.7 miles per hour. Actual average speed was much lower, thanks to stopping at every major junction to check I was going the right way and a few picture opportunities (1, 2, 3). Only two mistakes on the route notes, but if I hadn’t looked around at the right moment I’d still be cycling through Cheshire checking out every road on the right going “Where the hell has Acre Road gone?!”

I need to do at least one long ride every week in the build up to Bogle. Rides like today’s prove that I can get on th ebike after a few weeks of inactivity and do nearly thirty miles without too much pain, I just need to build up some stamina. (In fact, the first mile and a half is always the hardest. The ulcer lives up to its nickname of Little Bastard. It’s a bit like those gremlins in the adult education ads, lieing there going “Exercise isn’t for the likes of us! We want to sit at the computer and get DVT! Stop! If you don’t stop I’m going to make you want to throw up! See how you like that!” The nausea had passed before I got to Fallowfield, so I just churned on my way.)

Very soon I’m going to start asking you to sponsor me.