Daily archives: February 6, 2004

I can feel you move

Okay, I only have six days, max, left on the old server. So it’s time to shift updates over to the new one. Spinneyhead will be updated at http://www.spinneyhead.php-systems.com from noon onwards. Don’t go changing blogrolls etc. just yet because .co.uk should be transferred at some point as well. (Can you tell that I only have the vaguest clue what’s what with nameservers and domain transfers?)


Chip’s Place will go into the blogroll just as soon as I remember my password. Though I do take exception to being called ‘A scary man’. I’d prefer ‘Terrifying’, ‘Hairy’, or ‘One of this country’s unjustly overlooked treasures’.

I wandered downstairs this morning to find a copy of The Program sitting on my chair. Now, I know I’m after 30 but I don’t think I’m really looking for a husband. Or is someone trying to tell me something?