Daily archives: February 11, 2004

Immutable Laws

Part two of the occasional series of conversation snippets from casa Spinneyhead-

TV announcer-“…..using gravity, the oldest of nature’s laws.”

Emily- “Riiiiiiiight. Because magnetism didn’t come along for another hundred years. And what about friction? I can just see Adam and Eve skidding around the Garden of Eden because there was no friction……”


Theworldvotes Newsletter, February 2004

John Kerry is taking the lead among the Democrats; George Bush is still the main Republican contender. But what about the other candidates?

In our second global poll, we invite you to judge the US Presidential candidates on their foreign policy. You will be asked to select two statements from the running candidates.

Afterwards, we will let you know which statements were most popular – and who of the candidates made them.

Please take some time to visit the link below and answer the questions.

Theworldvotes Poll – February 2004


It looks like a guy I’ve never even mentioned is going to be the Democrat candidate. In a desperate attempt to redress the balance, here’s his official site– and some personal commentary.

Unlike the Great Leader, Kerry actually served in Vietnam. After seeing action and receiving a number of decorations he used a rule allowing servicemen wounded three times to be removed from active duty. Even if (even by his own admission), at least two of those wounds were minor, you have to be in the fight to catch the flak. He returned to the States and, with many others, joined in the campaign against the war before going into politics. His experience in Vietnam may have flavoured his attitude to the country afterwards. I say may, as I got all this information from an anti-Kerry page. It being my only source of info so far I have to say that it’s taken the man up in my estimation rather than having the desired effect. I sure as hell don’t think that his bones should be hung out to dry like children’s underwear.

I’m still going to miss Howard Dean though.

Geek news

To save the rest of you some time I present the latest geek headlines:

Star Wars DVD’s will be a 4 disk box set released on Sept 21st. It will almost certainly be the ’97 Special Editions plus a making of disk but unconfirmed rumors of additional changes continue.

Sci-Fi Channel has ordered a 13 episode follow up to the Galactica mini-series. Some of the surviving cast from the original 1978/9 series will be approached for guest roles.

Trip and T’Pol will get it on in Enterprise (season 3 episode 15)