Daily archives: February 20, 2004

Very Picky

My perfect match?

It’s official: You’re “picky.” The fact is you are drawn to the most beautiful of the beautiful. You know what you like in women and are more selective than most men your age. Your tastes seem instinctual. You’d make a great casting agent, because you have a good eye for women who have “star quality.” In real life, your high standards may be an obstacle for you. It’s hard to find a woman with the strong features you like, who’s also well-rounded in other ways. Still, you know the importance of a real physical “spark” in a relationship, and aren’t willing (or able) to settle for less. The challenge is finding a woman who really wows you physically, even if she’s not the most attractive woman in the room.

I knew there had to be a reason.

They’re trying to sell you membership of their service, but the Physical Attraction Test is quite in depth and enlightening.

Cycling on the Pavement

I’ve found a Content Management System in php that I can get working, and the latest COTP is up. I’ll sort out the layout, convert it to use the same css as the front page and brand it later. Then I may have a go at messing around with the code.

Meanwhile, I’m stuck here waiting for a call back on some part time work and trying to get through to the Housing Benefit people to find out why the help I applied for last September, which I was promised a decision on within the week a week ago, still hasn’t been paid.

On the plus side, my old host has switched the IPS tags on spinneyhead.co.uk (I’m still not sure what that means, but I’ll try to sound authoritative) and I’m going to pass the news on to my new host and hopefully get my old domain back up and running.

Geek Heaven

As Spinneyhead’s resident alpha geek and uber fan-boy it’s my duty to announce that KEVIN SMITH WILL WRITE AND DIRECT THE ‘GREEN HORNET’ MOVIE. Production starts this year for release in August ’05. I think we can officially declare this to be the geek movie of 2005 (displacing Star Wars EPIII from that position). Kevin’s own take on the movie deal can be found here.