Daily archives: February 28, 2004


Model Geek alert!

I know the Airfix renaissance has been going for a couple of years now, but I was particularly struck by it today as even more of their models had crowded onto the shelves.

The entry level kits are true pocket money models at only 4 quid. They may not be as detailed as some of the more exotic creations available today, but that’s not such a bad thing. And some of the subject matter is sometimes not made by anyone else- for instance, I haven’t seen the Matilda tank done by any other company. Dad will be pleased as well, the RAF Refuelling, Emergency and Recovery sets were great bases for kit bashing.

A few of the re-releases are already on my wish list (particularly the Vulcan), but what else should they produce? I want to see all their 1/32nd scale cars, the Bristol Bloodhound, the BV 141 that I’m currently building and all of their railway kits.

Red Tide

From the Don’t Mess With Mama Nature files: Stalin introduced giant Pacific crabs to the Barents Sea as a way to provide cheap and plentiful food for the Northwest Soviet Union. Everything seemed okay until some time in the nineties, when there was a huge population explosion. Now the voracious crustaceans are crawling South along the coast of Norway and eating everything in their path. Y’know, there could be a horror story in here somewhere.

(When I say that Stalin introduced the crabs to the Barents Sea, I don’t think he did it personally, “Giant Pacific Crab, meet the Barents Sea. Barents Sea, Giant Pacific Crab. I think you guys will get on swimmingly.”

I’m sure he had other people do it for him.)