Daily archives: February 29, 2004

Push button. Ignore.

Most of the pedestrian buttons on New York’s intersections aren’t connected to anything. traffic flow and lights have become so automated that throwing walkers’ demands into the mix would bring the city to a halt. I still press the button at pedestrian crossings, but even on a bad day the roads around Manchester could never get as busy as New York’s.

via Neil’s World

All in the head

Women aren’t turned on in the same way as men and, indeed, their main sexual organ is their brain. Hell, I could have told you that.

To please a woman in bed, all a man has to do is a poetry course. They also have to learn that the Karma Sutra is not an Indian takeaway and that the mutual orgasm is not an insurance company.

There was a young lady from Luton,

Who liked to do it on her new futon……..

Er, no. Maybe not.