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Walk Like…….

You’re Egypt!

Curator of ancient mystical secrets, your life on the surface is fairly typical these days.  Though you are in denial about more things than most people. Nevertheless, you’re trying to convince people that you’re safe despite your more volatile and unstable times that seem to be behind you. You like cats a whole lot.

You’d probably really appreciate The Blue Pyramid.

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You’re The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!
by C.S. Lewis
You were just looking for some decent clothes when everything changed quite dramatically. For the better or for the worse, it is still hard to tell. Now it seems like winter will never end and you feel cursed. Soon there will be an epic struggle between two forces in your life and you are very concerned about a betrayal that could turn the balance. If this makes it sound like you’re re-enacting Christian theological events, that may or may not be coincidence. When in doubt, put your trust in zoo animals.
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Be my friend

Messing around with FOAF files. The thing with all these Friendster type things is that I’m too shy to invite other people (and I don’t like being volunteered for things without being asked- consider it a throwback to bad work experiences- so I don’t like to do it to other people). Has anyone else I know got one of these files? (I built it here) and would they mind being linked to?


Edit: I’ve pointed Plink at my FOAF.

Pink Pages

(Cross posted to Monitor Duty, where I seem to be the token ‘liberal’. I’d be interested in debating this with some of them, because none of the arguments against have any merits whatsoever as far as I can see.)

It’s always worth getting a Salon day pass to check out Keith Knight’s K Chronicles This week- the San Francisco gay marriage kerfuffle.

Daryl Cagle has assembled a load of cartoons on the subject, logical, political, sweet, funny and moronically reactionary.

Personally, I think the King of Cambodia has the right idea.

(Two comments about gay weddings in one day? I have a cold, it must be putting me in touch with my feminine side. Plus, King Sihanouk is my new hero.)

Comix etc.

Deputised Experts has been put on hold until webcomicsnation is up and running. It was supposed to be here already, but you know how software projects are. On the plus side, some of the proposed functions are incredibly cool.

Still no luck with coming back online. Time for another e-mail to someone who has a better idea of what’s going on in the hope they can help me.

Finally, via Green Fairy, a meme that’s been doing the rounds. List the first twenty songs in your mp3 playlist after randomising. (Looks at current playlist, winces, and hits sort.)

1- Burning Hell, REM

2- Waterloo Sunset, The Kinks

3- 2:1, Elastica

4- Strange Currencies, REM

5- X-Press 2, London X-Press

6- Surrendering, Alanis Morrisette

7- Local Boy in the Photograph, Stereophonics

8- Manic Monday, The Bangles

9- (cling to your) innocence, Kinesis

10- Both Sides Now, Leonard Nimoy

11- Personal Jesus, Johnny Cash

12- Walking on the Moon (drum and bass remix), The Police

13- Tomorrow Comes Today, Gorillaz

14- Interstate Love Song, Stone Temple Pilots

15- Hair of the Dog, Sweet Lady Vegas

16- House of Fun, Madness

17- Spanish Dance Troupe, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

18- Girls on Film, Duran Duran

19- Road Trippin’, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

20- Garage Full Of Flowers, Inspiral Carpets

Hmmm. Eclectic.

Frisco and Cambodia- the axis of tolerance

King Sihanouk of Cambodia has announced a wish that his country should follow in the footsteps of San Francisco and legalise gay marriage. It’s a shame our monarchy isn’t this cool.

Meanwhile, his country’s government is proposing Khmer Rouge theme parks.

Tour guides will be selected from among former members of the genocidal regime who are not currently awaiting trial for crimes against humanity……”Most areas have been declared free of land mines,” secretary of tourism Thong Khon said.


Firefly was Buffy creator Joss Whedon’s take on the space opera. It was significantly different to the Trek/ Bab 5 axis of sci-fi, which was probably part of its problem. Whilst Buffy practically created its own sub genre, Firefly was entering a crowded field. It was cancelled after 12 episodes.

However, it looks like a film version will start shooting this May.

Damn Statistics

I should be doing coursework, but got distracted by Amazon statistics.

The most clicked through item is Another Education and Ruby Red, my own print-on-demand tome, which has generated one order. You can get it direct as an Acrobat file for pennies if you want to assess the literary merit before doling out too much cash.

Second is Bring It On by Gomez, an excellent album.

Third- Northern Soul Memories Vol. 1, which I haven’t listened to in ages. Must dig it out.

Fourth- Hello Rockview/ Losing Streak by Less Than Jake.

Fifth- Dead Ringer by Meatloaf

Best selling of all my referals is Dude, Where’s My Country?

In the period I’m looking at 41 items have been ordered and only 37 dispatched. Obviously I now have to print out both lists and find out where the discrepancy lies.

Awwwww, sweet.

You may remember Accordion guy’s girl trouble from last year. Well, now he’s met someone far better suited (no, it’s not one of the Olsen twins, scroll down). The lady herself seems happy enough about the relationship being conducted in (the blogosphere version of) public.

Similar “Ain’t it sweet.” style comments were made about a particular Friend of Spinneyhead earlier today. No names named, but I’m sure you know who you are. And if you don’t you’re probably staring at the screen going “Ian has friends?”

Apparently, Ashley is my preffered Olsen twin. (She’s only seventeen. Must not have those thoughts!)

Which one’s yours?