Daily archives: March 1, 2004

What's in a Name?

In today’s world, the more you can hype something, the more you can charge for a worthless product. Coca-Cola have taken this to a new extreme though with Dasani, their new, premium bottled drinking water. According to the product’s website, it takes water, purifies it (with filtration and reverse osmosis – essesntially another filtration technique), then adds impurities minerals back in.

Interestingly, according to radio reports today which I have sadly been unable to verify online, Coca-Cola have today admitted that the starting point for this exercise is in fact tap-water from the bottling plant in Sidcup. Last time I checked, the tap-water in Britain was perfectly potable, so this has left me a bit puzzled. Still, if people want to pay around �0.80 / 500 ml for something they are essentially paying for already via their water rates, that’s their lookout.

More Mary

Another Mary Tales teaser. Moreso than normal, in fact. The full size version of this one has nipple exposure, so I won’t put it here- click on the thumbnail. I’d hate to cause problems for any of you who surf from work (on your lunch breaks, of course).

I’m not so happy with the skin tones and shading in this one. The Blur tool in Photoshop just seems a bit too wussy for the effect I’m looking for.

Ich Liebe dich

I need more German content. The Spinneyhead stats tell me that Deutsche are the third most common besucher to the site, after Brits and Yanks. Any common German phrases, or, even better, rude words that could be slipped occasionally into posts would be appreciated.

German words supplied this time by Google language tools, which proved useful because I originally had the title as Ich Lieber Dich, which translates as “I rather you”.

I Kiss You! (Ich k�sse Sie!)

Big Numbers

I worked out yesterday that by the time my dad was my age I was eight. It’s an interesting thought. No eight year olds in my life at the moment, which is probably for the best.

And all those plans of mine of being a millionaire by the time I’m forty (wonderful things millionaire plans, the dates keep sliding forward)? Pfeh, a million’ll be nowt by then.