What's in a Name?

In today’s world, the more you can hype something, the more you can charge for a worthless product. Coca-Cola have taken this to a new extreme though with Dasani, their new, premium bottled drinking water. According to the product’s website, it takes water, purifies it (with filtration and reverse osmosis – essesntially another filtration technique), then adds impurities minerals back in.

Interestingly, according to radio reports today which I have sadly been unable to verify online, Coca-Cola have today admitted that the starting point for this exercise is in fact tap-water from the bottling plant in Sidcup. Last time I checked, the tap-water in Britain was perfectly potable, so this has left me a bit puzzled. Still, if people want to pay around �0.80 / 500 ml for something they are essentially paying for already via their water rates, that’s their lookout.