Daily archives: March 15, 2004

Street Jewellery

The coursework I’m doing today doesn’t lend itself to images I can post. So here’s a site I’ll be using to research a personal project- Street Jewellery– all about enamal and other advertising signs from the late nineteenth to mid twentieth century. I’m thinking of making copies or pastiches of them to be sold as files to railway modellers who can print them onto card or mailing labels to put up on their layouts.


I found a collection of model solar systems in the States last August (though I erroneously labelled it a model of the universe) and wondered about setting one up in Britain. Somebody was listening to me, and now there’s to be a scale solar system with the sun based at Jodrell Bank.

And because of distances involved, many of the models will be in Greater Manchester. Mercury will be in Chelford, Venus in Alderley Edge, Earth in Macclesfield and Mars in Northwich. The Ceres asteroid will be in Chapel-en-le-Frith and Gaspra at William Hulme Grammar School in Hulme, Manchester.