Britney Spears caught in blatant trawling for hits scandal

Yes, the wondrous silliness of search requests is back. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see two lists of referrers- most recent and most common. As I write this, the most recent 20 are-

? MSN Search: britney naked pics — More Useful Everyday

I’m really not interested in seeing Britney naked, clothed or in any state in between. Brittany Murphy, maybe, but not Ms Spears

? Google Search: nemi cartoon comics

Nemi is cool. It’s pretty much the only reason to read The Metro.

? Google Search: where is the nissan skyline in grand theft auto 3 for ps2 in english

I don’t know.

? Google: britney spears topless

See above.

? UKBlogs Aggregator

Resistance is futile! You will be aggregated!

? ping a weblog

? Google: meaning of the word bint

It’s derived from the Arabic word for girl or daughter, I think.

? ping a weblog



? Spinneyhead

? Google: “the best positions for getting pregnant”

Nobody in this house is pregnant, but Spinneyhead is one of only two results for this search.

? ping a weblog

? Google Search: spinneyhead

People are looking for spinneyhead. Cool.

? MSN Search: stileproject — More Useful Everyday

Stileproject used to be a regular stopping off point, but I haven’t been back there in nearly two years. I wonder if it’s still as vile and disgusting as I remember?

? Google Search: countryside sex pics


? Google: saul steinberg 9th avenue buy

? Flat8 – Summary

? Google: erotic bitpass

Hold on a minute, I’ve just had an idea………

? New Links

And yes, I am only reproducing these results here to reinforce the Google rankings etc.