Monthly archives: March 2004

Yoga is as Yoga Does

A brief overview of Elvis’ spiritual awakening, aided by ‘swami’ Larry Geller.

He was driving with Geller when he saw a cloud: �That�s Josef Stalin�s face up there. Why Stalin, of all people?� Then he cried: �It�s God!�, tears streaming down his face. �The face of Stalin turned right into the face of Jesus, and he smiled at me.�

Photo Friday

This week’s subject is Neglect. There are lots of abandoned and decrepit structures around Manchester. I chose these shots of a piece of ornate stonework, formerly surrounding a door, now lying on the edge of a car park.

Click on the thumbnails for the full picture.

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As promised earlier today, old editions of Cycling on the Pavement have moved to the Archive. I’ve also put The Eliza Effect there and will be stocking it up with other short stories over time. The index page is very minimalist at the moment, but that’ll change as well. Monthly subscriptions are available right now. 6 Monthly and Annual ones should be up tomorrow.