Monthly archives: April 2004

Xtreme Indoors

THE world’s first indoor extreme sports adventure centre could be built in Manchester. Which would be cool. But we were promised a snowdome and that never materialised, so I’m not holding my breath.

(Is holding your breath an extreme sport? There could be a special section of the X Games where you scored more depending upon how purple your face went before you had to admit defeat.)


I recently found a CD I’d burned a load of stuff on before leaving my job at British Gas. It included my e-mail archives. Now, I could trawl through them and find blackmail material, or I could aim a little higher.

As the most important single day so far this century, September 11th 2001 is going to be studied and analysed for years to come. Included here are the messages I sent and received on that day. It all started so well, I was in Cardiff, the sun was out. I was days away from leaving a job that had caused me far more stress than I deserved and it was just possible that things were looking up.


What women want

Is that old line about women knowing what other women want in bed really true? And if it is, why don’t they stop complaining about men and just tell us what they (or their cute friends) want? (And can they start with me? I’m open to suggestions and a head start would be cool.)

Anyway, back in tabloid land- The Bisexual Revolution. For the titillation of Mirror readers, all the lovely ladies interviewed are single and really just want to meet the right guy and settle down.

Bisexual men don’t exist, at least, not in any way that can be used to sell papers.