Daily archives: April 9, 2004

War Correspondence

Where Roger Fenton could be called the first war photographer, William Howard Russel is claimed to be the first war correspondent. He also went off to the Crimea, but didn’t see the need to sugar coat the war and his angry reports and letters contribute to major changes in the prosecution of the conflict and the downfall of the government.

Never Loved Elvis

Actually, what I’m going to admit is probably a greater sin than dissing the King. I hated The Smiths. Specifically, I hated Morrissey’s miserable moaning vocals and self importance. (I was at sixth form during the height of their fame and I admit that part of it was a reaction against the wankers who were Smiths fans). Their songs have always sounded better when covered or mixed to remove the quiffed ones voice.

Having alienated masses of people, there’s an interview with Morrissey in the Guardian.

(Never Loved Elvis, The Wonderstuff)