Daily archives: April 16, 2004

owen spinneyhead

It’s been a long time since I’ve used the full Owen Spinneyhead alter ego, in fact, I don’t think I’ve even mentioned it on the blog. It’s been practically a decade, in fact, back to when I wrote for Grip. If someone’s searching for it they must be a real blast from the past.

Hey, if you’re reading this, use the comments section to get in touch.

100 Things (part 3)

51. Make love outdoors

The roundabout incident doesn’t count as it was unplanned, drunken horniness. However, I could go for getting 46 at the same time.

52. Join the Mile High Club

53. Join the Mile Low Club

In a cave or down a mine.

54. Join the Two Metres High club

On a train. Sleeper carriages count.

55. Exceed 40mph on a bike

Downhill counts.

56. Build a house

57. Learn to play a musical instrument

58. Get a signed letter from a serving head of state

Probably not going to be Tony, though.

59. Break a record

Even if it is for the silliest ‘Hundred things to do’ list.

60. Burn all my CD singles to MP3

Just to give myself an easy goal and because that’s what I’m doing right now.

Only ten this time, I can see the last forty taking a while and getting sillier.

The End

If you weren’t there, the following probably won’t make sense-

As UMIST merges with Manchester University, so do the students Unions. Ladies and gentlemen, lower your heads and pray silence for the memory of UMIST Students Association (nee Union). No flowers please, but you can make a donation to the beer fund.

I was Welfare Officer (93-94 HAck), Tim was Education(?) (9?-9?, I can’t presume to know his hack status), Daz worked for Grip and was on Council (again,no presumption on hack status), most of us were involved with Rag and/or Events. And that’s before we spread the net to include FoS.

Oh yes, and congratulations to Ian B

It was agreed to make the Peter MacKay award to the only nomination submitted, that of Ian Beningfield of Rag who had worked tirelessly for the organisation during his time as a UMIST student.

Photo Friday (and phototime Tuesday)

This week’s subject is self portrait (which was also the subject of the newly discovered phototime Tuesday). There’s so much to choose from

As always click on the image to see the full size picture.

Young evil webmaster

The image that gives people nightmares.

And, from a couple of years ago, cool webmaster.

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