Daily archives: April 21, 2004


To tide me over until Gran Turismo 4 arrives (hell, to tide me over until the preview arrives) I just picked up a copy of GT2 I found in a charity shop. (Daz is now going to tell me that he already has a copy of the game, but I’d rather give 2 quid to charity than risk being trapped in the under stairs cupboard whilst searching through all our junk.)

Of course, PS1 games don’t save on PS2 memory cards, unless anyone knows of a hack or trick.

100 Things (Final stretch and updates)

92. Attend a televised awards ceremony

93. Learn a programming language

Properly, not in the half arsed way I learnt to gaffer tape routines together in VBA. Griff says that C# is quite a lucrative area to be in.

94. Visit every Disneyland

This was actually Griff’s aim, but I stole it.

95. Get a free crate of Glenfiddich

Sometimes breweries will gift crates of their products to writers who mention them. I’m also open to offers of Jennings Sneck Lifter.

96. Go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef

97. Get as close to an active volcano as possible

98. Attend a gala movie premiere

Hell, if Rebecca Loos can do it, so can I. But I’m not shagging any footballers except these two.

99. Publish a cook book

My sister’s been promising to write one for a while now. I must get her to finish it.

100. Get ‘Ian Seat’ into the OED

Being the position in acrowded room, bar, etc, which has the least advantageous view for eyeing up members of the opposite sex.

It seems that aim 10 (Make it into the Popdex top 100) isn’t all that hard if you’re willing to use a few tricks.

I managed to achieve goal 60 (Burn all my CD singles to MP3) this morning. I now have 4958 songs- 13 days, 16 hours, 21 minutes and 54 seconds of music- on the computer. So now I have to think of another goal, though the logical next step is-

101. Burn all my CDs to MP3

Are you now, or have you ever been…….

The US seems determined to destroy its tourist industry, which they’re going to need as a vital source of income if their economy gets any more shaky. Tourism companies estimate that the intrusive and excessive security questions required by the Advanced Passenger Information System could stretch check in times to five hours before take-off.

(Fairly) Early adopter


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Okay. I’m having a little trouble logging in at the moment, but when it’s all sorted spinneyhead[at]gmail[dot]com will be used for all blog related mail. I’ll even put an email link back at the top of the page.