Monthly archives: April 2004

Battlefield 1982

I was reminded by the last post of my intermittent quest for a video game on the same theme as Car Wars. The best ones I’ve found were Interstate ’76 and Interstate ’82 by Activision, both of which are now out of production. I may still have a copy of ’82, but I think it was temperamental under XP. However, my search did drag up Battlefield 1982, a mod for Battlefield 1942 based upon the Interstate games. Problem is, I now need BF1942 to run it.

We'll meet again

I’ve just got back from a meander around Salford Quays looking for locations for the next page of comic art. It’s a good job I did, because the patch of wasteland I was going to use is now a building site for yet another batch of luxury apartments.

Anyway, I also got a few pictures worth putting into pic of the day-

Click on the thumbnail for the full picture

I wandered around the War Museum for a while, I haven’t been there since it opened (pictures from that visit 1, 2). There was a party of veterans there, being entertained by a pair in It Ain’t ‘Alf Hot Mum get ups.

Banana Republic

Lock someone up without evidence or trial? No, that’s not the sort of thing we do here.

What’s most shocking about the supposed terrorists sent to Belmarsh prison is that they weren’t questioned. If they really were a threat to the country than surely someone should have tried to get some useful information from them. Or would that have been too obvious?

Photo Friday

This week’s theme is Junk. I could assemble a fair number of pictures on the subject, but I’ll go with these two- a corner of a commercial vehicle graveyard near Cambridge and a side alley close to casa Spinneyhead-

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'Goodnight Jim Bob – On The Road With Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine'

Lifted straight from the e-mail, because I’m lazy-

Jim Bob’s Carter on the road autobiography is published by CHERRY RED BOOKS on May 10

Pr-order your signed copy from from MAY 1st at

Read a sample chapter here:

One of the following does not feature in JIM BOB’s autobiography of his ten years of touring with the greatest agit-disco-punk-pop-rock-guitar-synth-and-drum-machine-band the world has ever known:

1. Fruitbat rugby tackling a children’s’ TV presenter live on telly.

2. Jim Bob being accused of murder by the police at JFK Airport

3. A Czechoslovakian fairy tale about a pair of magic underpants.

4. Stealing Swiss chocolate bars from Pavarotti’s mini bar.

5. A brief and accurate history of The Corby Trouser Press.

6. Jim Bob’s night of dirty love with footballer David Beckham.

“Jim captures the very essence of life on and off the road for the 90s’ least likely pop stars. Like you, I was there and this book takes me right back. A good dash of Hammer Of The Gods, a healthy glug of Ian Hunter’s Diary Of A Rock’n’Roll Star and absolutely no trace of Sting’s Broken Music, this book will mean a lot to anyone who fought the indie rock wars.” Andrew Collins

Jim Bob Book Reading And Song Singing Tour Dates May 2004


8 Berlin Magnet .12 Bristol The Prom 13 Cambridge Man On The Moon 14 Southampton Joiners Arms 15 Reading 21 South Street .16 Hastings The Brass Monkey 19 Exeter Cavern 20 Leeds Joseph’s Well 21 Glasgow 13th Note Caf´┐Ż . 22 Aberdeen Dr Drakes 25 Liverpool Carling Academy 26 Birmingham Bar Academy 27 London Islington Academy


Joey Manley, developer of webcomicsnation (which will be the home of Deputised Experts whenever it launches) is looking for XML experts to help with the syndication code. I’m sure some of the Spinneyhead family (team members and Friends of) must know something about this. The sooner he launches, the sooner I can start publishing my epic and have a big celebratory barbecue.