The Perfect Sex Toy- Project Shopping List

I popped over to Maplin to see if they had any kits or components that could easily be utilised for the sex toy project.

The Infra Red light controller has a dimmer built in, so it could be used for speed control, providing it maintains line of sight. Perhaps a radio frequency kit would be a better bet. Neither of these has any memory, so a puppeteer module would be required.

A computer interface board would be cool for tweaking the setup, with the programmable independant control board for when my testers take it away. I don’t know what use a Pink Noise Generator is top the project, I just like the name.

Finally- the shape. Everyone seems to want something different, so how about a mould-your-own body? I give you Polymorph

Polymorph is one of a new generation of commercial polymers set to have a major impact on model making & prototyping. This polymer has all the characteristics of a tough “engineering” material yet it fuses and becomes easily mouldable at just 62C. It can be heated with hot water or a hairdryer and moulded by hand to create prototypes and solve manufacturing problems currently outside the capacity of other materials.

Doesn’t say whether it’s remouldable, but just imagine the possibilities. ‘Today I want something that looks like a banana. It’s time to break out the hairdryer and the polymorph!’