Cultural Life

Watched Amelie again last night. I’m developing an Audrey Tautou crush. Checking her filmography, I’ve only seen one of her other filmes- Le Libertin and I didn’t cotton to her being one of the bathing beauties when they showed it on BBC4 a while back.

Just finished reading Black Out by John Lawton, a murder mystery playing out in early 1944. The atmosphere and detail are quite good but the protagonist takes the noir standard of being a punching bag to extremes, spending extended periods (in time, but not pages) hospitalised after being variously bombed, beaten or shot. Next up in my pile of books set during the war but not entirely about the war is Under an English Heaven by Robert Radcliffe and Enigma by Robert Harris, which has been sitting around unread for a while. The book I started this morning is The Baghdad Blog by Salam Pax.

Van Helsing on Wednesday (I think I’m the token T-Mobiler amongst a crowd of people taking advantage of this new Orange Wednesday offer.