Daily archives: May 12, 2004

Mirrorball Transitions

Dali‘s birthday yesterday, he’d have been a hundred. Completely failed to mention it. But then, we had a lecture on surrealism and the subject didn’t come up, though his name was mentioned a few times. We did see Un Chien Andalou, though.

Van Helsing has a slightly more coherent plot than Chien. I think it’s best summed up by Emma’s judgement- ‘That was okay for one pound ninety. If I’d spent more I’d feel cheated.’ The effects are far better than League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (trust me, you want to buy the original book), with which it shares a few elements. Bizarrely, there are early scenes in each where the hero chases Mr Hyde through Paris. There are a couple of dodgy matteing moments and it trundles it’s predictable way along to the obvious ending with a very minor twist. I don’t usually spot plot holes first time round unless they’re glaringly huge. None jumped out at me here and I doubt I’ll be up for a second viewing.

Dr. Wertham, I barely knew you

One of the guys who objected to Captain America last year is back and getting whiney about the Punisher.

I’d just like to extend my hand across the Internet, slap Michael Lackner about the face a few times and point out that, horrific as it was, September 11th was not the first terrorist attack in history. America is going about the ‘War’ on Terror entirely wrong- in fact they’re doing Osama’s job for him. And I thought you were fighting to defend freedoms such as being able to criticise the USA’s actions.

It’s a shame that American Power was cancelled. Then this guy couldn’t moan about ‘leftist’ ideas ‘permeating polpular culture’ and the rest of us would have something to laugh at and/ or be insulted by.