Dr. Wertham, I barely knew you

One of the guys who objected to Captain America last year is back and getting whiney about the Punisher.

I’d just like to extend my hand across the Internet, slap Michael Lackner about the face a few times and point out that, horrific as it was, September 11th was not the first terrorist attack in history. America is going about the ‘War’ on Terror entirely wrong- in fact they’re doing Osama’s job for him. And I thought you were fighting to defend freedoms such as being able to criticise the USA’s actions.

It’s a shame that American Power was cancelled. Then this guy couldn’t moan about ‘leftist’ ideas ‘permeating polpular culture’ and the rest of us would have something to laugh at and/ or be insulted by.

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  • Geoff Fagan

    Mr. Lackner apparently forgets that the “war” is over. And that the war on terrorism was only against Ahfganistan. The war on Iraq is illegal no matter how you look at it. The Punisher is a character born out of great violence and lies from the government. Of course he wouldn’t trust them. Hell, I barely trust our government now. Bush has lied and smudged the facts to fit his own agenda. Oh I’m sorry Mr. Lackner, I guess I’m just being a leftist whiner in a country that was founded on the idea that freedom was inherent. we are allowed to say whatever we want here and I personally agree with Marvel’s stance in the Punisher. Of course Mr.lackner I’ll bet you were on of the many people who ripped Clinton a new one for having an affair. Nice double standard buddy.

  • Anonymous

    Where does Lackner say anything in his article about Clinton? Whazzzup? You fabricate something he didn’t say, and then criticize him for saying what he didn’t say? You smokin’ tooo many pipes, my man …

  • Ian

    Not as many pipes as you, it would seem. Read the comment above yours in full and you will see that nowhere does it say that Lackner mentioned Clinton in the article. Geoff Fagan alludes to something Lackner would probably have said, at the time or commenting about it, a fair assumption based upon Lackner’s moronic attitude.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fair assumption at all. Presumptuous, more like it. Lackner does not reveal his attitude regarding Clinton. Who knows? Maybe he even voted for Clinton? You guys have NO WAY of knowing. Lackner is condemned for a presumed “double standard” that, for all you know, he does not have. And you call him a moron?

    Since when does the drama of Monica and Bill have anything to do with a comic book character threatening to assassinate the President of the United States? (As found in the Ennis’ Punisher comic book). If Lackner had applauded a comic book featuring the Red Scull infecting Monica Lewinsky with lockjaw, maybe you would have a point �

    Also, what fool believes that the War on Terrorism is over? Even Bush refers to Iraq as the Battle of Iraq, one front in the War on Terrorism. Afghanistan is another front. Intelligence work worldwide is another front. Also don�t forget there were two other nations listed as part of the Axis of Evil. Who thinks America�s dealings with those two countries is concluded? The position of the Bush Administration is that, like World War II, this is a war on many fronts. Geeze, even John Kerry doesn�t claim the War on Terrorism is over �.

    I repeat � What you been smokin�, my man �

  • Anonymous

    … Hey, I figured it out. Ian and Geoff are smokin’ from the same bong …

    … er … then again … maybe its just the Harp Ale …