Daily archives: May 19, 2004

And now for something completely different…

Given the sex-obsessed quality of recent posts, I thought it was time I raised the tone slightly. Something cultural, something and educational (it’s in a foreign language with a translation). Something poetic and artistic.

I present a poem about vaginas, in medieval Welsh.

(Supplied by my friend Marnanel, who is a strange attractor – he seems to find the most strange, entertaining and just plain odd things on the internet.)


The Sex Toy debate pops up all over, such as here– where they’re lamenting the lack of good toys for men and giving Spinneyhead a passing mention.

And why did no-one tell me it was National Masturbation Month? I would have…. erm…. I….. Oh, who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have had to do anything extra. I celebrate National Masturbation Month all year round.

I’ll get me coat……

Nine More Songs

I’m getting a lot of hits s a result of searches for Nine Songs, mentioned on Monday. Who would have thought that sex sells?

So, as a public service, here are a couple more links- The Mirror X-PLICIT: RUDEST FILM EVER TO HIT CINEMAS

The Telegraph- ‘People who say this sex film is offensive are liars’

Late Addition The Daily Mail- Director defends sex shocker

Most of these articles say the same thing, I’d guess they’ve been cobbled together from a press release and the earlier Guardian piece. The only major difference is in the handling of the female lead’s name and her willingness to be identified.