Daily archives: May 25, 2004

Top Bollocks

I have been asked to resurrect the list of names for breasts, as recorded here last year. The original list, and additions from comments is-

Breasts, Bristols, Titties, Tits, Hooters, Bazookas, Bazoobas, Tracts of Land, Shadigm, Melons, Boobs, Boobies, Breasticles, Globes, Bombs, Baps, Beauties, Fried Eggs, Puppies, Kittens, Zepplins, Bazoobies, Jugs, Assets, Boulders, Mammaries, BSH (British Standard Handfuls), Airbags, Bossoms, Bust, Nice Pear, Knockers, Jubblies, Baloons, Pillow, Charms, Charlies, Udder, Chest, Ballast, Flotation Devices, Life Jacket, Airship, Silicones, Falsies, 2 asprins on a plank, 2 peas on an ironing board, Dumplings, Mounds, Orbs, Headlamps, Bumps, Wobblers, Coconuts, Glands, Apples, Bouncers, Bristlers, Cans, Bubbies, Diddies, Droopers, Lemons, Love Lumps, Marraccas, Marshmallows, Ninnies, Threpny bits, Tale of two cities, Beacons, Twin Peaks, Thingies, Norks, Mamalries, WMD – Weapons of Mass Distraction, jumper bumpers, chesticles, love handles, gazongas, pair of puppies, mammaries, whappers

We thought of some more, and I’ve forgotten them already. Any new words can be left in the comments.

Music For America

Another source of music for ya. Music for America

Music for America is a political non-profit (sec. 527) working to empower young people by exposing the connection between their cultural lives and the political process. Drawing upon the influence of passionate performers and inspiring events, we are creating an expansive and decentralized movement that encourages participatory democracy and rejuvenates the youth vote — ultimately electing candidates with more progressive values to public office across the nation. Music for America asks, are we making enough noise?