The 'Was it worth the pittance we paid to get in' film chart

These Orange Wednesday deals are great. Troy cost just �1.75 last night (apart from the poor odd numbered soul who had to pay full price. We either need to get even or rotate the odd one out every time.) It was definitely worth that much. So far there are only two films in the list- The League of Extraordinary Van Helsing and Troy. LEVH was pants but not abysmal, acceptably �1.90s worth. Troy was definitely better. The effects were more effectively used and the story- no matter how seriously it mauled The Iliad- better handled.

Next week- The Day After Tomorrow. The week after that- Harry Potter. I expect Tomorrow to fall somewhere between LEVH and Troy and Potter to top the list. After that? Maybe Jersey Girl, Shrek 2, Spidey 2, Thunderbirds, King Arthur….. and that just takes us up to the end of July.

We should try to do a mass photo of the FACT notice some time, just for silliness.