Maybe it's Darwinian

The Ford F150 is probably called an “urban pickup” or somesuch. It’s for middle class suburban folks who want to pretend they’re macho rural white trash. There’ll never be anything in the back, but the tougher suspension might be necessary to shift their fat arses around. It’s one of, if not the, most popular cars in America and the trend, along with faux off roaders/ SUVs, is heading over here.

Owners will tell you they feel safe perched up there, but anyone with half a brain can see that they’re talking crap. And the photos at the top of this post prove it. In identical crash tests the Mini Cooper’s driver’s compartment stayed intact whilst the F150’s folded in on itself like bad origami. There’s a whole load of stats to back it up as well.

Scroll down to the comments and watch the poor SUV drivers bleat as they try to defend their penis extensions.

Having said all that, I’d still like to own a Land Rover. Though I’d have more sense than to use it about town every day. And I know that these vehicles are built like brick shithouses. I once walked away from an accident where a Landy drove into a dry stone wall (at an angle, not head on) at 20-30 mph. I’d been in the back, without a seat belt on. Admittedly the vehicle rolled onto it’s side and I suddenly found myself standing on the windows, and it was written off, but all three of us who had been in the vehicle got out with little more than bruising.

I’ll be buying a second hand Land Rover, so even if I could afford it, there’s nothing I could do about the company’s current problems.