Sunday Morning

It’s counting down to the end of term and I really should be getting coursework done. So of course I’m working on Mary Tales.

With the publishing schedule I have planned (two Deputised Experts installments and one or two MTs a week) I have a DEx buffer of about nine weeks and enough Mary pin ups for five or six weeks. So I’ve turned to plans for the first story in Mary Tales. It’s going to be “Sunday Morning”, a decompressed celebration of relaxed weekend lovemaking.

I have learnt some tricks from the course. One of them is the beauty of layout paper for planning, so I’ll be running up a few quick drafts to work out the pacing etc before diving into illustrations. The first shot, though, is unlikely to change from the one I currently have envisioned (nudity alert for work surfers). I also have a master plan for producing the final images (Adobe geek alert)- take my Poser’d shots or sketches, do basic outlines in Photoshop, create work paths and transfer to Illustrator for cleaning up and colouring. The end result should be very different from the look and feel of Deputised Experts- bright and shiny and smooth, to complement the subject matter of love and sex.