Soft Roader stupidity

You don’t buy a four wheel drive for the city. I would quite happily volunteer to slap anyone who uses one on the school run. They’re not safe and most of the ones running around town are shit off road. Even the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders admit it-

A spokesman said: �Many of those sold in the UK are �soft-roaders�, which don�t have the same capabilities as off- roaders. They are only slightly bigger than an estate car. People like the high driving position, visibility and perceived sense of safety. (My emphasis.)

Perhaps the only thing that can stop them making these wastes of space and resources will be more multi million pound lawsuits.

If you want to drive off road, buy a Land Rover Defender and drive it off road. If you want your children to get to school safely, join your local Safe Routes To School group and sort it out. If you want to prove you’re a moron don’t waste �30,000+ on a car- send me the money and I’ll go down to the local copy shop and get an “I am a Moron” T shirt printed for you.