Will work for money

I updated my profile on one of the online jobs resources recently. And today I’ve had three phone calls about possible positions. All contract work, which is fine by me, and all immediate starts, which is more of a problem. I’ll be available by the end of the month, but that may not be soon enough. Whatever, it is looking positive for Summer work.

My attitude concerning what I’m worth, wage wise, and what conditions I’ll work under change over time. Never say never, but you’d have to find me a very good reason to go back to the stupidity of The Gas, particularly the period when I was spending most of my time in a car because people in the area offices were too stupid and selfish to accept a national standard and my team leaders were too cowardly to force the issue. In fact, I never want to drive to work again at all. Time spent cycling to the office doubles up as exercise, time on the bus or train allows me to read or write. Driving in is just a waste of my time.

The enquiries today were for jobs at �15 or �16 an hour- �29 to �31 grand a year, assuming a seven and a half hour day for 52 weeks. Which, for doing what I do on a contract basis, is fair. If BG wanted me again they’d need to pay �20. BT would have to pay �25. But I’d take a permanent job, with all the security that comes with it, for a lot less. And when webcomicsnation finally comes online, if I can make any money from it, I’ll settle for even less again.

The minimum wage is currently �4.50 an hour. Worked out under the same criteria as for the contract work, that comes to �8,775 a year. I reckon dole and Housing Benefit come out to about �5,000 pa (all other amounts are before tax, this is based upon the amounts I actually recieve, I don’t know what tax/ NI is paid on it). If I could exceed the lower figure I’d be happy, but I’d have to carry on looking for those contract jobs. Better than minimum wage and I’d start thinking about doing it full time. I’m sure I’m the only person who thinks I can manage it, but that’s the aim.

Of course, all of this will probably change tomorrow when someone calls up and offers me a �35k permanent position, which I will take immediately, of course. Provided I don’t have to drive to work.