Daily archives: June 10, 2004

I see naked people

In response to my call for models feralmoggy (?) wants to know if the poses/ pictures will be tasteful.

Absolutely. I aspire to something like the gorgeous nudes of Domai.com (gorgeous, but nude, so NSFW). I’m an affiliate now, so if you click through and sign up, you’ll be helping me out as well.

So far I have only asked one person if she’d pose naked for me. As it was her idea I figured she deserved the right of first refusal. She used it, which is a shame.

(The Sixth Sense Okay, I’m stretching a little for this particular cultural reference. There is a spoof called The Sexy 6th Sense, though.)

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

Replying to my work rant from yesterday, Emily suggested that there are bike related tax breaks for employers/ employees. Personally, I didn’t believe this, but a little research finds that employers can get tax relief on bikes they supply to their workers provided the main use of the cycle is getting to work. They can also get relief on free breakfasts for workers on “Bike to Work” days. they also get exemption from Class 1a NICS(?) for bike parking. There’s an FAQ here.

(Bicycle Race- Queen)

I'm the man who sold you the Yo-Yo

It’s time to challenge myself again, and pump up the Amazon referals whilst I’m at it. In the spirit of previous song-lyrics-as-post-titles weeks, it’s cultural-references-in-posts week, with links to the book/ album/ whatever at the end of the post. I’ve been doing it in about a quarter of my posts recently anyway, I just have to pump up the linking.

(I’m The Man- Joe Jackson)