Daily archives: June 11, 2004

All Quiet on the Eastern Front?

The D-Day memorials, as all these things do, brought a lump to my throat when I thought about the sacrifice of those years. This article in the Guardian has a timely reminder that even more soldiers, on both sides, died in Russia and Eastern Europe.

(The Eastern Front, Stalingrad, Enemy at the Gates [Two very different films about the battle for Stalingrad.])

You've sure got a purty mouth!

Next week on Big Brother, the housemates have some new arrivals- a company of US Army Reservists. What the contestants don’t know is that the soldiers have been told they’re all Iraqi prisoners.

I just overheard a bit of the programme. As far as I can tell, the plan is to destroy the minds of the people stupid enough to take part for the entertainment of the people sad enough to watch.


I don't want your money, honey. I just want your love

A study has found that more money doesn’t necessarily mean more sex. Though more sex does mean more happiness. Maybe.

While higher frequency of sex was associated with higher levels of happiness, the researchers said the cause and effects were unclear: “Working out whether sex causes happiness or causality runs in the reverse direction will be particularly difficult here,” they said.

(I Want Your Love- Transvision Vamp)